Domain name restrictions for U.S. companies could get more strict

In a series of letters to companies including Oracle, Yahoo and Facebook, the FCC has announced new measures to curb what it describes as “Internet abuse” and “domains with excessive and unreasonable domain name restrictions.”

The new rules include a list of “domiciles” that will no longer be allowed to be listed in the U.K. and the U and Canada.

The rules are expected to go into effect in mid-November. 

The FCC’s actions come as the government is grappling with a new wave of cyberattacks on government agencies, including cyberattacks that are believed to have targeted U.N. and European Union computer systems.

In an op-ed published Thursday in the Wall Street Journal, the White House urged Congress to move swiftly to pass cybersecurity legislation that would give the government the tools it needs to protect the U,S.

and our allies.

“We need a cybersecurity bill that is as tough as the next one, and will not be defeated by the Democrats in Congress,” the President wrote. 

President Donald Trump has said he believes the cyberattacks are part of a broader campaign to delegitimize his presidency and have been a source of frustration among the American public.

The White House has also expressed support for the Cybersecurity Act of 2015, a bill that would impose more severe restrictions on cyberattacks.


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