When Google decides who gets to go where, it will be all about Google’s search algorithm

Google’s algorithms are set to be the focus of a new court case, but not all of them are necessarily the most valuable.

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, a group of tech giants, including Facebook, accuse Google of creating a biased search algorithm that favored its own search results over those of other search engines.

The plaintiffs say that the company is violating the Sherman Antitrust Act by using its dominance in search to favor its own results and then using that power to influence the way the public learns about its products.

Google has been accused of favoring its own “natural” search results for months.

Google itself is already facing scrutiny over its alleged use of its dominance of the internet to suppress competing search engines and push its own proprietary search algorithms.

Google and the tech companies are accusing each other of being engaged in a conspiracy to monopolize the internet and create a “corporate monopoly.”

They say that Google and its subsidiaries are engaged in anticompetitive behavior and are acting with the intent of preventing competition and preventing consumers from buying Google’s products.

The suit is the latest in a long line of legal actions by tech giants against the search giant.

A decade ago, Apple sued Google over the search engine’s monopoly of the iPhone and iPad, claiming that it has a monopoly on the operating system.

Google, which has about 50 percent of the US internet search market, has also faced allegations that it unfairly discriminates against rivals, including by charging high prices for data services and charging for faster access to its search results.

Google is also facing a class action lawsuit from consumers in California, New York and Florida who allege that it created an unfair and deceptive business practice by charging them higher prices for Google search results than they paid for them.

Google’s lawsuit against the plaintiffs does not directly target Google’s own search engine, but instead targets the way that the search company uses its dominant position to control access to search results and other online services.

Google says the plaintiffs are seeking to establish a “common law” right to access to Google’s data.

The case is the third filed by Google against its rivals in the past month.

Last week, a California jury awarded more than $6.5 billion to Google for antitrust violations that it says went back to 2002, when the company created a search engine called Google.

Google is seeking to recoup $1.8 billion in damages.


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