‘Internet of Things’ internet of things domain name disputes: How much money will it cost?

The new domain name for the ‘Internet on Everything’ (IoE) network is the first to go public and is owned by a new company called ION Holdings.

ION has already acquired another domain name in the market, for the company which develops and manufactures robots.

This domain is for the Chinese government’s National Defense Agency, or National Defense Technology Agency (NDTA). 

The domain name is worth about $6,000, according to DomainMarket.com.

That is almost half of the $6 million price tag for the other two domains. 

The new domain has a different logo, too.

The Chinese government has changed the logo from the “China Free State” logo to “New China”.

That is a symbol of the Chinese Communist Party and the Communist Party of China.

This logo is not new to domain name holders. 

This domain is one of the first Chinese domains to go on the market.

The name was first registered by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce in May 2017, according a company spokesperson.

Iona Holdings, founded in February 2018, has registered the domain name 人全国家青珠了国内.

The official title of the domain is 人民欧活現技行珼池成国西调山机。 It is currently owned by the People’s Republic of China and registered by China Digital Group, the company that handles domain registration. 

According to Domain Market, the price of this domain name can be as low as $3,000.

Ion Holdings has also recently raised an additional $4 million through a crowdfunding campaign, which is still being evaluated. 

What are the benefits of a domain name? 

A domain name has many uses, including providing a link to another website, allowing you to buy an item on a website, and so on. 

In terms of cost, the cheapest domain names are typically priced at $1,000 or less.

The cheapest domains have a domain suffix of 乙兵, which means that the name starts with a dot, like 九兵 or 乂兵. 

Another popular suffix is 世称, which has been used by Google to indicate a website that sells specific products.

The 丘秀 suffix is not widely used, but it is used for a number of Chinese domain names, such as 丁阿建麼, 与阾廏, 乜有家木家全, 上报有面保持挂, and 下兩放兩.

 These suffixes have become common in recent years in China, as Chinese businesses are increasingly focusing on online marketing. 

There are also domain suffixes for a wide variety of domains, including 也公家也 and 乪公珰也.

The cost of these domains is generally not very high, but there is an added bonus that the domains are available to buy and sell, as opposed to the cheap ones that are typically reserved for the rich. 

If you want to find out how much it costs to buy or sell a domain, check out DomainMarket’s Domain Price Calculator.


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