Which cities have the most expensive housing?

City-by-city listings show that Calgary has the most pricey housing in Canada.

In fact, it’s the only city in Canada with a monthly housing price more than $1,000 per square foot.

Here’s the list: Ottawa, ON: $1.18 million monthly cost Average cost per square feet: $12,065 Toronto, ON, ON-NEA: $9,988.86 Average cost of housing per square-foot: $11,856 Vancouver, BC: $7,843.84 Average cost to rent: $2,929 Vancouver is also the home of the world’s largest number of foreign buyers, who are buying homes in this city at a rate of more than 3 per cent a year.

A recent Globe investigation revealed that the vast majority of foreign investors in the city are Canadians.

The city also has the highest average cost of home ownership in the country.

But, while the average cost per sq-ft of the city’s home inventory is $1-million, the average price per square meter is $5,938.

That means the average Calgary resident will pay more than twice as much to own their home as the average person in the entire country.

Calgary is also home to one of the highest foreign buyer prices in the world.

As a result, the cost to buy a home in Calgary is one of Canada’s highest, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Ottawa-Gatineau, ON (U.S.): $1 million monthly Cost per square ft: $17,638 Vancouver, B.C.: $929.86 average cost to Rent: $3,919 Average cost for a single person to own a home is $11.64 per square metre.

Toronto, Ont.: $1 billion monthly Cost to rent per square inch: $23,064 Toronto-Dominion Bank, ONC: $4,944.86 cost per year Average cost over a 10-year period: $29,898 Average cost: $27,543 Average cost (per sq-foot) per year: $34,717 Toronto is the third-most expensive city to live in in Canada, behind Vancouver and Calgary.

The average monthly cost of a house in the Toronto area is $933, and the average monthly rent is $3.14.

The cost of owning a home, then, in the Greater Toronto Area is more than double the average household in Canada over a decade.

Ottawa is Canada’s most expensive city with an average monthly price of $1M per squarefoot.

In contrast, the median price for a home listed in Ottawa is $2.8M, while in Calgary the median home price is $8M.

Calgary, on the other hand, has the lowest average cost for the average Canadian to own home.

It has the second-lowest median price per sq. foot and the lowest median monthly cost for people to rent a home.

Calgary also has one of North America’s lowest average housing costs per person, according the U,S.

census bureau.

In Calgary, the typical monthly rent for a detached house is $950 per month.


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