What is the ‘public domain’ character?

A public domain character is an Internet-friendly name that is not part of the original source.

For example, a domain name like  DotCom.com.

is not the same as a trademark name.

However, it is a public domain name because the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has created the domain name.

ICANN created this name in 1999 to protect the Internet from commercial exploitation of the name.

The ICANN name is also commonly referred to as the “.com” domain name, although it is not always the case.

ICN, the world’s largest Internet registry, uses a unique identifier that identifies the registrant and indicates its ownership of the domain.

ICNs can be found in .info, .info.txt, and .net.

ICn is the domain’s primary domain name and is used by the registry to track domain activity.

ICs also help to prevent trademark misuse, but can also be used to mask the domain ownership and provide domain registrars with a way to identify the name without revealing its true owner.

ICns are sometimes referred to interchangeably as domain names, which is correct.

The term “public domain” is an important distinction.

It is a name that has been assigned to an intellectual property right and cannot be transferred.

When a domain is registered as a domain, it must have a .com or .net version that is the same for the registered owner.

That means that the registrar can’t change its name and it can’t use a different domain name for the same service.

For more information on the .com and .

Net names, see the following links: ICANN domain name registry site and ICANN website: .info domain name database


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