Why do so many of the world’s best protein domains are found in the Pacific?

The Pacific Ocean is home to a wide variety of marine life, but it’s also home to some of the most fascinating marine creatures on the planet.

Here’s a look at some of them.1.

The Sea Slug (Cyanostoma sp.), the biggest of the sea creatures: A sea slug has the longest, broadest and most flexible jaw of any animal.

It has six distinct, overlapping bands of teeth on its jaw, each measuring about 2 inches long and weighing approximately 2.5 ounces.

These are called jaw teeth, and they serve a number of functions.

They can bite into prey, and when they break, they deposit the food they chew on into their gills.2.

The Chalk Spider (Dermochelys coriacea), also known as the mollusc, is an invasive species that spreads through forests and marshes.

Its large, hairy legs and spiderlike eyes help it quickly move through the forest canopy.

The spider feeds on insects, crustaceans and animals such as lizards, mice, micelles, frogs and sea stars.

It also feeds on plants, but is not a food source for many other animals.3.

The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (Mysurus florida), a small, harmless fish that lives in the Atlantic Ocean.

It lives on the ocean floor and is considered an invasive fish because it lives on plants.

It feeds on plankton and can survive up to a year on a diet of plankton.4.

The Bluefin tuna (Aplysia leucas) is a tuna that lives off of the ocean, usually in the waters off the U.S. East Coast.

The tuna is a popular fish because they are one of the only tuna species that can live for hundreds of years without eating.5.

The White-winged Fish (Pseudodon floridana), also called the “belly-dancing fish,” a small sea fish that is found off the coast of Africa.

This tiny fish has long fins and a black and white belly, which is a sign that it is swimming at the bottom of the water.

These fins help the fish navigate by sensing the direction in which the currents are blowing.6.

The Yellowfin Tling (Tricinus vulgaris), also sometimes known as “bluefin tuna,” is a yellowfin tuna that is usually found off of Florida.

Yellowfin tuna have large white eyes and can swim up to 80 feet.

It is also one of only a few species that are able to live on land.7.

The Deep-sea Lobster (Gastropoda pelagina) is one of several species of lobsters that are found on the sea floor in the deep ocean.

They are the largest of the deep-sea species, measuring up to 12 inches long.

Lobsters are commonly eaten in the form of a lobster or lobster tail, but sometimes they are eaten as whole lobsters, a common lobster or even whole lobster legs.8.

The Black-bellied Tortoise (Carcharodon mollusca), also referred to as the “sea horse,” is one in a long line of animals that are considered by some to be the world favorite lobster.

They live off of fish and have been found to be omnivorous.

They have been observed eating large fish, including large snails and lobsters.9.

The Great White Shark (Urocyon nubilus), also commonly called the whale shark, is the largest shark known to the human eye, measuring nearly 1,200 feet long.

They spend most of their time feeding on squid and other large marine creatures.10.

The Golden Eagle (Eoteria pangaea) is an endangered species of raptor that lives on land and in the air.

The bird is known for its long, thin bill, which allows it to dive extremely low.

The eagle has been recorded diving over 10,000 feet.11.

The Giant Tortoise, also known in the North as the Yellowfin, is a rare sea turtle that lives only in the Antarctic.

The species lives off the shores of South America, and its shell is one-half inch thick.

It can grow up to about 1.5 feet in length, and can weigh up to 10,200 pounds.12.

The Southern Brown Heron (Varanus arctos) is the smallest of the birds, measuring just a few feet in diameter.

It was first sighted by tourists in 1967, and the first recorded sighting was in 1974.

The southern brown heron is known to be a very shy species, and it lives in dense populations in areas where there are no other birds to breed.


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