How to create a Google Cloud Search engine

By David McNew, Google News, January 12, 2017 — Google is launching a new search engine that it says will help businesses and governments make smarter decisions about their online traffic and revenue.

The new Google Cloud search engine, codenamed Cloud Search, is designed to help organizations manage data, including their websites and social media, so they can reach the right audiences, and help improve the quality of their search results, said a Google blog post on Tuesday.

Cloud Search will be integrated into Google’s existing search product, Google Search, and will be free for anyone to use, the blog post said.

Google Cloud Search will include search features that make it easy to find information quickly, such as Google Maps, as well as advanced search tools for people, businesses and government agencies, it said.

The search engine will include the capability to search through hundreds of millions of search results for a specific keyword, the company said.

For example, you can search Google for “hot dog” and see the results that come up.

Cloud search can also include advanced search features for people who use Google’s Gmail account, including the ability to search for information based on their name, gender, or phone number, Google said.

It’s not clear yet how much the new Google search engine cost, but Google says it will be available in a free and open source form for developers to create.

Google has made it available to companies through the Chrome Web Store and will make the feature available for purchase through the Google Play Store later this year, the post said, adding that developers can get access to Cloud Search free of charge.

The service will also be available as a paid version through Google’s Developer Program, which allows developers to access the new search feature for free.


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