‘I’m tired of being a woman’ – a woman who was raped

A woman has shared a powerful message from her attacker that is inspiring others.

Key points:Jessica O’Connor told News.au she was raped by a man in her early 20s and woke up the next morning to find him raping her againShe said she feared for her life but couldn’t leave her home to escape the assaultThe victim, Jessica O’Conner, said the man she was with had raped her and was “stalking me”.

“He was still in my room and I felt like I was being watched,” Ms O’Connors story begins.

“I thought I had left him and he was going to go to his car, but he came back.”

It was as if the night before I’d been in bed with him.

“He sat on my bed and put his hands around my throat, pulling me towards him.

He pushed me up against the wall and said, ‘You’re a f****** slut’.”

Ms O’Connell was sleeping on the sofa in the living room with her partner and her two young children when the attacker attacked her in December 2016.

“My partner woke me up and I was so scared and I could see him sitting on the floor in the dark of the night with his hands on my throat,” she said.

“Then I got up and ran upstairs and he locked the door.”

When I opened the door he was sitting on my legs and he’d already raped me.

“The attack occurred on the night of December 12, the night Jessica was sleeping at the house.”

We woke up and there was my husband on the couch and he just lay on the ground and he said ‘it’s okay’ and he went to get the kids,” she recalled.”

They didn’t even know what was happening, so I went upstairs and I said, I’m a f*****g slut and I’m scared for my life.

“The next thing I know I was sitting in the shower and I heard my husband say, ‘I don’t know what’s going on’.”

Jessica was forced to perform oral sex on the rapist and he forced her to drink alcohol.

“There were other people in the house and he put his hand on me and he told me to get on the bed and I told him to put his arm around my shoulder,” she recounted.

He then pushed me into the bed, and I lay there for about five minutes.””

He said ‘put your hand down my throat’, and I had to say ‘I can’t breathe’.”

He then pushed me into the bed, and I lay there for about five minutes.

“The next morning Jessica woke up to find her attacker on the other side of the bed.”

You could see his semen was everywhere,” she explained.”

Every time I looked at the ceiling I was thinking, ‘Oh, my God’.

“The door was closed and he had my clothes on, so he was in my bedroom and he raped me again.”

Jessica was able to escape by calling police and leaving her husband, and she said she had nightmares.

“After the second time I didn’t want to go out and I didn, I just didn’t feel safe,” she remembered.

“A week after the second rape I was still sleeping on my couch and I started crying.

Ms O´Connell was able, through the help of a neighbour, to go into counselling and was subsequently given a court order for the sexual assault to be reported.””

I just kept saying, you know, I can’t sleep and I need to tell my story.”

Ms O´Connell was able, through the help of a neighbour, to go into counselling and was subsequently given a court order for the sexual assault to be reported.

“In counselling, the woman told me how she had been sexually assaulted by her attacker,” she told News “I thought it was just another day.

I thought that was normal and normal, you don’t get raped every day, but it did scare me.”

Ms N’Connor said she wanted to share the story to warn other women that they should be vigilant and not allow themselves to be intimidated by their attackers.

“Women should know they are not alone, you can’t take this as a joke, it is something that happens to people and if you don´t report it, it will happen to you,” she added.

“If you have been sexually abused by someone, you need to get support, you should seek help and you need the support of your local police and social services.”

What you need is to be aware that this is a problem and that people are taking advantage of you.

“Don’t get complacent.

Don’t accept that it’s not going to happen to someone else.

Don´t be afraid to speak out, speak up, speak out about what happened.”


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