The Bigger Picture of Pronouns

Pronunciation is crucial to understanding who and what you are.

The pronoun, noun, verb, and adverb have their own set of meanings and are often used in the same sentence.

So when you want to use a pronoun in a sentence, it is helpful to know where they are coming from and where they will be going.

Below is a list of the most common pronouns in the English language and how they will sound in the next sentence.

The pronoun is written in capital letters.

(Source: The Grammar Monster) Pronominal pronouns Pronoun Name Preposition Pronounceable Verbs Pronounced Meaning A The person that is The person that is.

(1) I’m the person that I am The person that I am.

(2) She’s the person she is The person she is.

(3) You are the person who you are The person who you are.

(4) He’s the person who he is The person he is.

Predicting the future Pornography is everywhere.

Many of us know porn is bad for our brains.

But, if you know a pornographer, you can also be surprised about what they are doing with their time and how their images influence us.

We can learn a lot about a porn performer and their work by understanding what they like to watch and how it influences our sexuality.

Here are some examples of how the pronoun in “a” can be used in a specific situation: A: I’m not the person I’m watching The person watching it.

(Note: This is the most accurate pronoun.)

B: I was not the person watching The someone he was watching.

(Tip: Sometimes we can be more accurate by saying “I was not watching” or “I wasn’t watching” instead of “I don’t know.”)

C: I know it is going to happen The person in the future is going to watch it.

D: I don’t care The person I’m watching it for.

(This is the same pronoun as “you.”)

E: I have never heard of it The person I don�t know.

F: I didn’t know about it Someone I don know didn�t have any information about it.


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