Why domain name prices are soaring in Israel

Domain names are a hot commodity in Israel, especially among the country’s ultra-Orthodox population.

But the price of a domain name has jumped more than fivefold since the start of the year, according to data from the Registrar of Internet Numbers (RIN). 

The price of an Israeli domain name rose from $3,100 per domain name in February to $6,100 in May, according the company, which provides the information to the Ministry of Finance and the Israeli Civil Administration.

“The value of the domain name is increasing significantly, with prices reaching new highs in the past few months,” said RIN president Shai Mavriel.

“The trend is not sustainable.”

The domain name for “Israel” has been on the rise since early last year, when the government passed a law that allowed individuals to use it for their names.

But that has led to a price war.

In a report released earlier this month, the Israeli Tax Authority (ITA) said that the prices of some domain names in Israel are reaching new heights, while others are dropping.

The ITA cited the case of domain name “Israeli news” for which prices reached more than $7,000 in the last three months.

According to the ITA, domain name owners have been using the domain names to advertise their services and advertise their products and services, which is a violation of the government’s policies.

The ITA said the price increase in the domain market is due to a new rule that was introduced in March.

The new law allowed people to use the domain for their own purposes, including their own names, as long as they used a proper domain name.

The ITB said the number of new domain names registered in the first three months of the new year jumped from 15,972 to 18,938.

It also said that prices have increased for the first time since April.

The RIN data, released by the Israeli Government, showed that prices for the domain “Israel news” jumped from $2,600 to $5,400 in the three months through May.

In May, it reached $6.90 per domain.

In June, the price for the top domain, “Israel peace” rose from about $7.50 to about $11.50.

In July, the top brand, “Israeli peace” also jumped from about 10,000 to 15,000.

“The Israeli domain names are now selling for a premium,” said Mavres Harel, the head of the Israel’s internet industry, referring to the increase in domain names.

“These are products, and they are being used for business purposes.”

But Mavrel said that he has no doubt that the market for domain names is expanding.

He said that his company will continue to provide information to government and the civil registry, but also to the media and public.

Mavriel, the founder of the RIN, added that he believes the price increases are due to the “lack of transparency” in the government.

“If the information is not available, it becomes difficult to understand what is happening,” he said.

The data for the Israeli domain naming market was gathered between February and June of this year.

The Registrar of the Internet Numbers said it does not comment on individual domain name auctions.

But it noted that its data reflects the current market and is not indicative of a trend.

“There is no clear indication that the domain value is decreasing, but the trend is moving in the wrong direction,” said the company’s chief executive, Shai Livan.

“This is a worrying trend that will continue.

Domain names should not be used to promote businesses and services.”


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