Canada’s first ‘smart’ domain is a hit with Canadians

An Ontario company that hopes to make smart DNS a reality says it’s already in talks with a number of Canadian Internet service providers to sell them its smart domain extensions.

“It’s very exciting, we’re very excited to be part of this,” said Chris Jones, president of DNS Solutions Canada Inc. in a recent interview with the CBC.

The company has about 40 members in the United States and Europe.

He says that while it’s not yet on sale in Canada, it plans to launch the technology on the continent sometime next year.

The technology is being developed by the University of British Columbia and the University at Buffalo.

It’s the brainchild of Jones and his business partner, Jason Linton, a former UBC professor who worked with the UBC’s Computer Science department before he started the company.

DNS Solutions was formed in 2008 to manage the internet’s DNS and domain name system.

It sells the extensions for about $100 per month.

It uses the same technology that lets you buy a cellphone phone and add an extra line of code to your phone’s SIM card, but it’s also capable of selling other smart devices like smart TVs, tablets and smart cars.

Jones said DNS Solutions is trying to make DNS services as affordable as possible.

That means it’s taking on some of the costs of providing them to Canadians.

Jones says it has been trying to build out its smart DNS infrastructure for several years and that this new venture has helped it achieve that goal.

The idea was to develop a platform that would allow people to easily create smart domains that they could purchase and manage with ease.

The extension is a new version of the DNS protocol that allows computers to send queries to one another to find out if they’re connected to the same Internet address.

The service can then be used to manage domain names on the web or through mobile apps.

It also allows a user to send a message to another user on the same computer or mobile device, or to another computer that connects to that one.

The process is called a “query,” and it uses the query to determine if two or more devices are connected to a given IP address.

DNS solutions have also created smart DNS for mobile apps like Google’s Google DNS, which lets users search the internet using their phone number and address.

It allows people to search the web using their number and addresses.

It has been a long journey for DNS Solutions, said Jones, who started his career as a professor before heading up DNS Solutions in 2008.

He and Linton left UBC in 2010 to start their own company, and Jones was hired as a consultant.

But they decided to start with a company based in Canada because it was a “niche” domain name, he said.

“The technology itself is a good fit for Canada because of the large number of Canadians that use the Internet, the fact that Canada has a strong reputation as a country for innovation, and we’re the only ones that are developing the technology here,” Jones said.

The two have been working together for years, and DNS Solutions has now made a number, if not thousands of smart domain domains available.

It is the first Canadian company to sell smart domain service, which it calls SmartDNS, Jones said in the interview.

He added that DNS Solutions plans to expand its reach as it moves forward.

“We have a lot of customers that we’ve sold to and we’ve been talking to a number companies that are in the process of selling their domain names,” he said, adding that the company has plans to have a few thousand smart domain names available for sale by the end of the year.

That would be a good sign for Canada’s nascent internet industry, Jones added.

DNS is a technology that allows Internet users to connect to other computers, including smartphones, using their mobile phone number.

The number is stored in the phone’s network and can be used by computers to make requests to one other computer or device.

Jones expects to sell some of its smart domains in Canada by the middle of the next year and hopes to be able to make a profit on them.

Jones also said that DNS solutions has developed a “dynamic DNS” service that is similar to DNS services sold by Google, Facebook and Yahoo.

It can automatically find other smart domains by searching for a specific domain name.

That allows users to easily find their own domains.

The DNS service also allows users, for example, to search for a “bob” and to add a link to their home page.

DNS also has a “smart domain” that can connect to any Internet service.

Jones, though, doesn’t want people to think DNS is only for people in Canada.

“This is for everybody.

We are looking to expand globally and have a presence in China, Russia and a number other countries,” he added.

The domain name extension that DNS is selling is called SmartDns, but Jones says SmartDnes can be extended to smart domain name services in other countries.

That could allow for more domain names to


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