Why do people buy domain names for free?

In April 2015, Google’s Google Domains announced that it would buy the domain name of www.g.com for $5.2bn.

Google had previously owned the domain in 2007.

At the time, the price tag was seen as a huge windfall for Google, but the price of the domain itself was less than half that of Google’s total internet revenues.

That was then.

A year on, it is now worth $13.5bn.

The internet has changed considerably since then.

Domains have become more valuable.

They have become easier to register, and their ownership is no longer a guarantee of future profits.

And with a range of social media sites offering domains for free, a range now of people are buying them for pennies on the dollar.

Google’s purchase of www, which had been owned by Google since 2007, comes after the launch of a number of new services for consumers to access their favourite brands and services for free.

One such is the new YouTube TV, which allows users to watch any channel and stream them at home.

Another is the free video site Videmy, which lets users upload videos for free to their YouTube account.

Google is also developing the Google Play Music service, which offers a range in-app purchases, and has launched its own streaming music service, Play Music Unlimited.

And Google has just launched a new digital audio and video-on-demand (DVR) service called Play Music On Demand.

In addition, Google has also invested heavily in its search advertising business, making it a leader in the digital audio streaming market.

The acquisition of www also comes after Google has been working hard to attract more people to its YouTube video service, YouTube Music.

The Google deal is being viewed as a sign of confidence in the growing number of people using YouTube.

Last month, Google announced it was doubling down on the video-sharing service with a YouTube-branded service that lets people stream music from YouTube and other sites.

And last month, YouTube announced it would introduce a subscription-based music service called Google Music Unlimited, which is a free streaming service that will be available to YouTube users starting next month.

However, the search advertising giant still faces significant competition in the online video market.

Google has struggled to compete with the likes of Apple and Amazon in terms of search advertising, but it has also seen a surge in popularity among consumers looking for a new way to watch their favourite TV shows, movies and music videos.

The search giant has also been trying to increase its digital video reach, especially among older demographics, and is increasingly adding premium channels to its video offerings.


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