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All the things you need to know about a new domain definition

The domain name is a big deal in the modern web.The name of a company or organization means so much, and it’s often linked to everything from restaurants to sporting events to movie theaters.So when a new web service or app comes out that can help you define your own

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How to get a domain name on eBay and get it quickly

A year ago, Google was already the top search engine in Canada, but now the search giant is the top brand on the world’s largest e-commerce site, eBay.In an industry dominated by one company, Google is in a unique position.It has a large presence on the Internet, and it also

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How to keep a free domain name on your WordPress website for free

What is a free WordPress website domain name?What is an “unsubscribe” link?What’s the best WordPress theme to get started?How do you keep your domain name free on your website?If you have a WordPress site, the answer is that you can’t do much without it.But what is a WordPress domain name,

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Which domain names to check before you buy?

If you’re shopping for a domain name, you’re in luck.Here’s how to do it.The most important thing is the domain.You need to check that the domain has a regular, valid domain name.The easiest way to do this is to use a domain checker.It’s a free service that lets you do

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