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How to use an Ethereum smart contract for DOMAIN serene

Ethereum smart contracts are very different from conventional contracts.You may have heard of smart contracts before, but they are very simple.You write a contract, send it some Ether, and it executes your instructions.But Ethereum smart-contracts are very advanced.They can be built on top of existing blockchain systems, such as Bitcoin,

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How to avoid getting caught in a mass murder case

A mass shooting in Colorado, where at least 10 people were killed, is still unfolding.A manhunt has been underway since Sunday, when two men killed two women and wounded four others before turning the gun on themselves.But the search for the gunman has not stopped.Here are the most common questions

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Why you shouldn’t give up on your domain in a year

You might think that you have an idea of what a domain is, but that domain is just a piece of software that’s hosted on a server somewhere.For that reason, you can’t just buy the domain name from a domain registrar.But if you want to go for the domain you

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Domain name price drop for some domains

Domains are often the fastest growing part of the Internet’s ecosystem.The prices of these assets are often significantly lower than those of many other domains.Domains have become a crucial part of many businesses and websites.Domaining can also help companies gain visibility and gain exposure to a niche of the domain.While

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Why do you think I am still buying domain names?

By KIRBY WOOD,Associated PressKIRBY Wood was a top executive at the World Wide Web Consortium and is a regular on Fox Sports.His father, who also works at the network, is a former president of the Web Consortium.WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 2020—5:10 p.m.(EST)New York City-based website kirbysworld.com and domain name kirbsworld.org were

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