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Which Canadian internet providers offer the best service?

The search for the best Internet service for Canadians is now over, with the results finally rolling in.The Globe and Mail is looking at what Canadians can expect when it comes to Internet access in the country.The results show that while there are some notable gaps, the majority of Canadians

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How to buy the hottest domain names in 2017

Apple is selling its own domain name service, as well as the services of its various partners to the public, including the big tech companies Apple, Google and Microsoft.Apple is making a lot of money from selling these services to the people who need them most, and it’s offering to

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How to fix an internet-of-things device to turn off when you turn off your home security

You might be able to fix your internet-connected device if it has been configured incorrectly, according to an article on the Domain Authority website.In the article, Domain Authority’s Mark Tewes explained how a device can be configured incorrectly and turned off when it has the right permissions.Tewes said Domain Authority

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Why is the US so reluctant to help Russia in Syria?

NEW YORK — The United States is “in a position of weakness” because of Russia’s recent aggression, President Donald Trump said Friday in an interview with the New York Times.“Russia is a thug and a bully and they are going to do whatever they want,” Trump said.“We have to be

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Cosine, Free Email Domain Listings: The New Crypto Domain Market

Cosine is the free email domain listing service that you probably haven’t heard of.The free domain listing website is based in New York, and the domains are listed by first name, last name, and email address.The site’s founder, Kendra Scott, explains that the company’s goal is to provide a quick

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Google’s Magenta, Magenta and More: The 10 Most Popular Videos from 2018

Google Magenta is the top search result on YouTube and Twitter for a video titled “Magenta”.It’s the title for a movie trailer for the upcoming movie “Magentas Journey” that will be released on the Warner Bros. digital-only digital-first film platform.Magenta is part of the top 10 most popular videos on

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Why Google does not require domains to be publicly available

Google, the company behind the popular search engine, has long been criticized for not requiring websites to publicly release their domain names.In response to the outcry, the search giant recently introduced a policy that requires all domain names on the internet to be fully publicly available.However, many sites, including some

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The U.S. is the fastest growing tech-centric country in the world

The United States is the world’s fastest growing technology-centric economy, with nearly half the population living in an area with a high percentage of tech companies.A new report released Wednesday from tech giant Google estimates the U.A.E. will grow at a rate of 6.4% annually from 2019 to 2035.Google says

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