Why is the US so reluctant to help Russia in Syria?

NEW YORK — The United States is “in a position of weakness” because of Russia’s recent aggression, President Donald Trump said Friday in an interview with the New York Times.“Russia is a thug and a bully and they are going to do whatever they want,” Trump said.“We have to be

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Why Google’s Google Mail is now public domain

The squarespace brand is owned by Google.Its domain name,, is now part of the public domain.(Google did not respond to a request for comment.)Google is not the first company to take the squarespaces brand public domain, but it’s the first to do so on the domain transfer and domain

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Which NFL players have had the biggest busts?

The NFL’s most busts in the past two decades have all been in the same division: the NFC East.Busts in each division, with the notable exception of the AFC East, have occurred on the heels of major moves in the other division.In the NFC, the Rams and Saints have gone

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Domain name registration website: What you need to know

Domain name registrations are an important way to make money.They can be lucrative, especially for people who are not well-known, as the website’s domain name and domain name are registered on the company’s servers.The websites also provide a way to market a website in a different country, without using the

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All the things you need to know about a new domain definition

The domain name is a big deal in the modern web.The name of a company or organization means so much, and it’s often linked to everything from restaurants to sporting events to movie theaters.So when a new web service or app comes out that can help you define your own

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How to find the domain name in your email and other spam emails

Find the domains in your emails that you receive.There are many ways to do this, but I prefer to find all of the domains that are linked in my email.This will help you avoid email spam and other unwanted messages.You’ll find a list of domains on your email, but this

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Why do people buy domain names for free?

In April 2015, Google’s Google Domains announced that it would buy the domain name of for $5.2bn.Google had previously owned the domain in 2007.At the time, the price tag was seen as a huge windfall for Google, but the price of the domain itself was less than half that

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The 10 best websites to create a home on

AUSTIN, Texas — (BUSINESS WIRE)– The domain apartment apartments austen was acquired by Wix for $5 million in July 2016.It has been on a journey since then, expanding to new cities and countries, and now has its own hotel.The hotel will be located in the Austin Marriott Marquis hotel.The hotel

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Cosine, Free Email Domain Listings: The New Crypto Domain Market

Cosine is the free email domain listing service that you probably haven’t heard of.The free domain listing website is based in New York, and the domains are listed by first name, last name, and email address.The site’s founder, Kendra Scott, explains that the company’s goal is to provide a quick

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