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Which domains are free for non-profits?

The number of domain names available for free for nonprofits has increased significantly in recent years.In fact, this number has increased by more than 500% since 2011, when the list of eligible domains was first published.While that might seem like a huge number, it’s actually not a massive one.The average

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How to manage google domains in your domain range

There are several things you need to know before you can manage Google domains.This article explains how to manage Google domain availability and manage Google Domain Manager.You can use any Google domain that you want to manage and it is available in a range of domains.Google provides a free domain

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Domains are priced right, according to research

Domains can be worth more today than they were yesterday and that can mean good news for you, your company and your customers.But, according the research firm Domain Buzz, they’re also a great place to invest if you’re not ready to get in on the domain valuations craze.Domains have become

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Which is the most popular domain for Australian Internet users?

Apple domain broker is one of the top 10 most popular domains for Australians, according to a new report from research firm said it was the top search engine for Australians and ranked the top five most popular websites in Australia.The top five sites (5th place),,AppleDomesticDomains (4th),

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ESPN CriLinks finds domain owner for godaddy domain name registration

ESPN CRILinks is a search engine that provides links to domain registration records for domain names.The domain registrar’s name, owner and email address are listed on the top right hand corner.We found a domain registration for registered by a college park owner.The domain registrant was listed in the top-right

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How to make your domain buy less painful for your brand

If you’re a website owner looking to purchase domain name, you may want to consider a less-than-ideal approach.There are a number of options for buying domain name.The first, and most popular option, is buying a domain outright.This will pay you the domain price and provide you with the domain name

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The best domain name auction sites for online shoppers

Domain availability search has become a key part of online shopping.With so many different domain names available, it can be difficult to find the right one for your business.That’s where Buying Domain Names (BNDN) comes in.BNDNs offer a way for businesses to find and buy domain names that match their

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Which domain name generator will give you the best results?

The Verge is one of the few media sites to provide detailed domain name seedings for the purposes of finding the best domain names for your site.Domain generators help you get a sense of which domains have been popular and which have fallen out of favor.This post is designed to

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Which domains do I need to use to host my blog?

The best and easiest way to set up a website is to use a free domain.It will be your home for everything you write, your online home for your blog, your personal blog, and everything in between.Here’s what you need to know to set one up: A domain is a

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